Consultancy and Audit Services

RoSPA have a range of services to assist schools and colleges to ensure their facilities and services are as safe as necessary.

Health and Safety Audits

We will work with you to devise a solution to suit your needs:

  • Quality Safety Audit - RoSPA's flagship quantitative audit. It is uniquely flexible and tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. It follows the Health and Safety Executive's HSG65 guidelines, the over-arching guide on the essential philosophy of good health and safety.
  • 'Triple A' Audit – designed for schools and colleges that require an assessment of the effectiveness of their health and safety management arrangements. This is a modular audit enabling you to start at your chosen level and select particular aspects of your health and safety system.
  • Compliance Audit - to determine whether your organisation complies with the Occupational Health and Safety Management System 18001standard. Should there be any shortfalls, we advise you on how best to remedy them.
  • Health and Safety Review - an ideal first audit for any organisation, or part of an ongoing audit cycle.
  • Independent In-House Audit - your own audit system conducted and verified by an independent RoSPA consultant.

Health and Safety Risk Assessments

We can help you meet your legal duty to carry out 'suitable and sufficient' health and safety risk assessments. Whether you need assistance with the key risk assessment foundation, spotting hazards, or want an on-site transport or noise assessment, we can help.

Sport, leisure and water facilities safety

RoSPA have specific expertise in leisure and water safety. This includes sport and leisure facilities which are open to the general public.

Safety Evaluations

Evaluations can be undertaken for public, visitor and customer safety at:

  • Ponds and other open water
  • Swimming pools
  • Outdoor sports areas
  • Sports halls, studios and fitness suites
    • Parks and open spaces
  • Areas accessible to the public

Clients receive a detailed report including a general safety rationale, identification of specific hazards, advice on controlling risks, operating procedures and further bespoke recommendations.

Safety Reviews

RoSPA offer a short and simple follow up service for clients that have previously undertaken an evaluation. This robust review assesses the effectiveness of any progress made since the last audit in light of any changes in legal standards, case studies and industry best practice, whether RoSPA or another party undertook your last review.

Desktop Reviews

We can provide a desktop assessment of your organisation's current documented health and safety policies and safety operating systems. This will assess the suitability of your current arrangements and where appropriate provide recommendations to improve them. This service can be delivered either before policies and operating systems are implemented, or to assist with periodic reviews as part of your organisations overall safety management system.

Recommendations are provided in a written report that includes suggestions to ensure that they are robust and capable of being implemented effectively. Desktop reviews can be conducted against all applicable health and safety management system specifications e.g. HS(G)65.


RoSPA have unparalleled experience in event health and safety management and are able to offer clients specific advice and support for their planned event. We offer support in planning, managing and reviewing event management. We also offer training and incident investigation services. This can be practical on-site support and assistance and/ or based upon management arrangements. Where necessary and where appropriate we will recommend improvements.

Accident Investigation and Expert Witness Reports

We undertake these for private individual, organisations and solicitors. Our particular areas of expertise include incidents in swimming pools, water sports, activity centres and parks and open spaces.

Typically our reports include:

  • Relevant research materials and standards applicable to the situation
  • Applied safety principles
  • Expectations of legal and non legal stakeholders, including the effectiveness of Safe operating procedures and relevant organisation policies and procedures
  • Appropriate referenced documents
  • Expert opinion

Our service has been used in support, defence and independently in both Civil and Criminal cases.

Advice and Assistance when developing new facilities

RoSPA offer services assisting with new developments which involve outdoor leisure and water areas. Our services are frequently needed at the design stage and prior to handover or adoption.

The aim is to ensure that new developments comply with legislation and are safe for future residents, particularly younger children. We also support developers with the planning process on bespoke health and safety matters relating to leisure and water. This service supports designers responsibilities under the CDM Regulations 2007.

Safety and Risk Education

We employ one of the country's leading experts in this field. We can help either by training your colleagues on how to effectively teach safety to students or deliver safety and risk training directly to students. We can also assist you to embed safety and risk education into the day to day running of your school or college.

Managing Health, Safety and Welfare

Whether you need assistance writing health and safety policies, or would like your own training courses professionally approved we can help. RoSPA's consultancy packages can provide ASCL members with a number of different health and safety services and advice including:

  • Health and safety policy/procedure review
  • Getting the basics right - this is an ideal starting point
  • Retained consultant - help you need, when you need it
  • Health and Safety tender specification assistance
  • Safety training needs analysis
  • Accident investigation and expert witness - determine immediate and underlying factors
  • Stress and violence in the workplace
  • Contractors' safety
  • Student work placements.

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