E-valu-it: Enabling Evaluation

One of the key reasons given for why people do not evaluate their work is that they simply do not know how. There is already a positive awareness among both practitioners and procurers of the need for evaluation in road safety education. Awareness on its own, however, is not enough.

The project team behind www.roadsafetyevaluation.com and E-valu-it recognised this and developed the website and training support to create, not just a desire to evaluate, but the skills and knowledge necessary to 'do' evaluation.

The website was funded by the Department for Transport and designed by RoSPA, and is a free to use resource for anyone interested in evaluating their interventions. While targeted at road safety education training, and publicity interventions, the evaluation advice within the website has much wider relevance.

Alongside the advice, the website acts as a repository of road safety ETP evaluation reports, via a free to view 'reports' section.

The main interactive part of the website is the E-valu-it Toolkit. After users have created a free E-valu-it account for their project they are asked a series of questions about the intervention they have in mind.

These questions help users to plan their intervention, for example by asking about problem analysis, aims and objectives. Crucially though the questions enable the Toolkit to provide tailored recommendations for each user about how to go about evaluating their particular intervention.

After users have collected and analysed their evaluation data they can return to the Toolkit which assists in the structuring of an evaluation report. If the user chooses, the completed report can then be uploaded into the reports section of the website where everyone can read the results, thus furthering the sharing of good practice.

Reports describing what and why interventions have not been successful are just as important as those which do demonstrate effectiveness, and it is these reports which are especially encouraged.

At any time users can contact the E-valu-it support team for help at evaluit@rospa.com.

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