RoSPA's 'Vision' for Safety and Risk Education

More effective education about safety and risk for all

To promote effective safety and risk education relevant to all levels in society, throughout compulsory education, in the workplace and among educators, safety significant professionals, the media and policy makers.

To be achieved by:

  • A focus in safety education on an understanding of risk. To enable young people and adults to make safer choices through an informed recognition of hazards, the assessment of risk and the costs and benefits of risk management
  • More research into how people learn about risk. A continuing commitment to research into how young people and adults learn about safety and risk
  • Government support for training adults with responsibility for teaching about risk and safety and for teaching safely. A clear commitment by the Government, backed by adequate resources, to ensure safety and risk education in the professional development of those involved in education of children and young people including teachers, and for parents, governors and others
  • Integration of safety and risk education into the statutory and non-statutory curriculum. An integrated approach to safety and risk across the curriculum in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland in the context of Healthy Schools and the frameworks for, Personal Social and Health Education, citizenship, post 16 education and vocational training with a focus on acquiring relevant skills
  • A whole school approach to safety and risk. Promotion of a whole school or college approach to safety and risk including policy, curriculum and an ethos which encompasses both teaching safely and teaching safety
  • Inspection of safety and risk education and policy. Inclusion of safety and risk education and Health and Safety by OFSTED and other inspecting and examining bodies
  • Partnerships to achieve consistency and avoid duplication. Partnerships between key promoters to provide materials, advice and support to achieve a consistent approach to risk and safety education
  • Developing and sharing the evidence base for effective practice. Co-operation at a national and international level to share knowledge about risk and safety education and to share materials, experience and evidence for effective practice.

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