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Because the buck stops with you.

The introduction of the Corporate Manslaughter Act in 2007 means that failure to meet your director's responsibilities for health and safety could now result in imprisonment. As a director, safety falls within your remit, and the law will therefore hold you accountable for any failings.

Our one-day course teaches you everything you need to know about health and safety for directors and Senior Managers

  • A one-day course for directors, governors, trustees, officers and their equivalents in the private, public and voluntary sector
  • Gain a clear understanding of director's and senior managers responsibilities for health and safety
  • Get practical advice on driving forward health and safety strategy
  • Delivered by high quality and experienced trainers
  • Training is both interactive and thought provoking
  • Outlines the core director safety actions required at board level
  • Guidance on how to deliver the health and safety message
  • Understand how to monitor and review health and safety issues
  • Review of case studies – inputs, outputs and outcomes also included.