Mental Wellbeing B.U.D.I.E.S (Listen) - Virtual Classroom

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What is the Mental Wellbeing B.U.D.I.E.S. virtual classroom course?

The Mental Wellbeing B.U.D.I.E.S. virtual classroom course is a 1 hour programme to initiate mental health support in the workplace on a voluntary, one-to-one basis for home workers or people that work alone.

A number of organisations use the BUDIE programme as onboarding, particularly after recruitment. This virtual classroom course will help give your staff the listening skills and B.U.D.I.E.S. framework to support their colleagues throughout the year.

The B.U.D.I.E.S framework focuses on:

B - Build a helping relationship
U - Understand 
D - Determine if your colleague is in crisis
I - Inform about self-help
E - Encourage professional help
S - Safety at all times

This 1 hour virtual classroom course is ideal for the whole workforce but is specifically for people who are home based, work alone or isolated due to Coronavirus and would benefit from some regular support.

Mental Wellbeing B.U.D.I.E.S virtual classroom course contents

This 1 hour virtual classroom course to support employee mental health covers three key topics.

Wellbeing B.U.D.I.E.S

A Wellbeing BUDIE is someone at work that you can talk to if you are in need of a ‘friendly ear'. They have been trained to listen first and are not qualified counsellors. This can be a very informal relationship or you may agree to speak on a regular basis. Please be aware that this is a voluntary, informal activity and that you can opt out if you prefer however the skills you will learn in this session are life skills and will help you communicate more effectively in the future.

Listening Skills – Part One

By effectively listening to our colleagues, friends and family we not only help them and their mental health but we also increase our self-awareness and understand ourselves a little better.

We all think we are good listeners but in reality we receive little if any training of the skills of listening. This session is designed to help you reflect on what it is to be an effective listener and to identify some of the things that be blocking you from really listening.  There is a practical at the end of the session where all the skills learnt can be practiced.

Listening Skills – Part Two

After looking at our blocks to listening this session is all about the factors that affect how we see the world and that we all have a different perspective and point of view. The second part of the session looks at skills of listening.

How to deal with a crisis

As a Wellbeing BUDIE your focus is to support your colleague or friend. This is done by building trust and by listening. In a very rare situation you’re non judgemental approach may illicit your colleague to disclose to you that they have been considering suicide. This session the basic steps you should take to ensure your colleagues or friends safety.