Mental Wellbeing Talk, Learn, Listen - Virtual Classroom

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What is the Mental Wellbeing Talk, Learn, Listen - Virtual Classroom?

The Mental Wellbeing Talk, Learn, Listen - Virtual Classroom is designed as a complete mental wellbeing approach for employees. Comprised of three modules, the course covers essential mental health awareness, stress and resilience training, and developing mental health support networks.

Mental Health Awareness

This module helps attendees understand the fundamentals of mental health, particularly the issues we can face in a work-related setting, what we can do to help improve our mental health, and how we can respond to a mental health crisis.

The objectives covered in this module are:

  • Raise awareness around mental health issue at work.
  • Explain the benefits for both employee and employer at getting early treatment for mental health illness.
  • Improve employee insight to recognise that we need some help.
  • Improve awareness on how to respond to a mental health crisis.

Stress and Resilience

Stress and Resilience will help you develop a personal definition what stress is, the signs and symptoms that you may experience or display if you are stressed and the health risks of short and long term stress. It will help you understand your vulnerability to stress and that, by identifying things that cause you stress and managing these in a different way and by having a range of healthy coping strategies, you can reduce the impact that stress has on your physical and mental health.

Wellbeing B.U.D.I.E.S.

The Wellbeing B.U.D.I.E.S. module is a programme to initiate mental health support in the workplace on a voluntary, one-to-one basis for home workers or people that work alone.

Many organisations utilise the B.U.D.I.E.S. programme as on onboarding, particularly after recruitment. This training will help give your staff the listening skills and B.U.D.I.E.S. framework to support their colleagues throughout the year.

This module covers:

  • Becoming a Wellbeing B.U.D.I.E. – someone at work that you can talk to, who offers a friendly ear to support you.
  • Listening skills – learning to listen in a non-judgemental and supportive manner, a skill that isn’t natural to most of us.
  • How to deal with a crisis – the basic steps you need to take in order to ensure the safety of a friend or colleague during a mental health crisis.