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Quality Safety Auditors

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Become a RoSPA Approved Safety Auditor.

A good health and safety record is a competitive advantage and a reflection of management strength. By auditing current performance, informed decisions can be made, actions prioritised and resources allocated. Furthermore, regular reviews of safety performance will lead to a culture of continuous improvement.

RoSPA's renowned Quality Safety Audit (QSA) portfolio includes a safety training course for organisations wishing to have their own in-house "competent auditor" who works to RoSPA’s high standards.

What does this course cover?

  • Working through HSG65 and BS8800
  • Principles of auditing
  • Carrying out an audit of a fictitious company
  • Presentation of audit findings at closing meeting

This course is intended for those with some knowledge or previous training, who will be in a position to carry out an audit of their organisation's safety management systems and wish to learn the skills and practices of effective safety auditing through the use of the QSA workbook.

Also available to download: QSA Approved Auditor

What does the course consist of?

This course aims to impart a knowledge and understanding of HSG65 and provide delegates with experience of auditing safety management systems.

On completion of the course delegates should have developed competence in the implementation of the QSA system in line with HSG65 and BS8800. Auditors will in general follow the practices identified in "Guidelines for auditing management system" BS EN ISO 19011:2018.

Delegates should have an understanding of the formulation and development of management systems in relation to policy, organising, planning, implementing, measuring performance and review.

Further information

In order to prepare for the course delegates are strongly advised to familiarise themselves with the HSE guidance document HSG65 "Successful Health and Safety Management".

In order to attain RoSPA Approved Quality Auditor status these delegates must submit an audit of their organisation to RoSPA, ideally within six months of attending the course. This audit submission will be moderated and if approved delegates will be entered on a register of Approved QSA Auditors and their organisation will be registered as a QSA company.


Those who successfully complete the course including the written exam will be awarded a RoSPA Certificate of Training.