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Power Press Tool Setter

Power presses are crucial machines in various industries, facilitating the shaping and forming of materials. However their operation poses inherent risks, making it essential for individuals involved in the setup and operation, such as power press tool setters, to undergo comprehensive safety training. The Power Press Tool Setter Training course is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure the safe and effective use
of power presses.

What does the Power Press Tool Setter course cover?

The Power Press Safety Training course covers a range of topics to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of power press safety and regulations. The key areas of focus include:

Delivery Methods:



Two days


Legal obligations under PUWER: The course outlines the legal requirements set out by the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER), ensuring that participants are well-versed in the statutory obligations related to power press operation


Hazards and control measures: Participants will learn to identify potential hazards associated with power presses and understand effective control measures to mitigate these risks


Components of power presses: The course explores the different components of power presses, enhancing participants' knowledge of the machinery they work with


Causes of accidents and prevention: Understanding the root causes of accidents and implementing preventive measures are crucial aspects covered in the course to promote a safer working environment



Health and safety law: Participants gain insights into health and safety laws relevant to power press mechanisms, ensuring compliance with regulations


Guarding of power presses: Proper guarding is a critical aspect of power press safety. The course addresses the importance of guarding and the measures to ensure the effective protection of operators



Toolsetter's daily inspection: Participants learn the importance of daily inspections of interlocked guards and gain practical knowledge on toolsetter responsibilities


Tool design and setting: The course covers tool design, setting procedures and tool tryout, providing participants with the skills needed for efficient tool management.



Press brakes: An overview of press brakes is included, expanding participants' knowledge beyond power presses to enhance their overall understanding of related equipment.


Upon successfully finishing this course you will be able to:

Outline legal obligations:

Participants will be able to articulate the legal obligations related to power press operation under PUWER.


Identify hazards:

The course equips participants with the ability to identify potential hazards associated with power presses and implement control measures.

Understand tool design and setting:

The course provides knowledge on tool design, setting and tryout, enabling participants to manage tools effectively.

Comprehend press brake operation:

Participants will have a comprehensive understanding of press brakes, expanding their knowledge beyond power presses.

Benefits of the course:


For employers

  • Employee safety: Protect your employees from serious injuries by ensuring they have the necessary knowledge and skills to operate power presses safely
  • Health and safety culture: Promote a culture of health and safety within your organisation, fostering a proactive approach to risk prevention
  • Accident prevention: Help prevent accidents and incidents resulting from the misuse of machinery through comprehensive training.



For delegates

  • Legal understanding: Gain a clear understanding of the legal obligations related to power press operation under PUWER
  • Expert tuition: Benefit from RoSPA’s highly experienced tutors with a legacy of over 100 years in accident prevention.



For employers

  • Compliance with health and safety legislation: Ensure compliance with relevant health and safety legislation, promoting a safe working environment
  • Improved safety: Identify and mitigate risks, contributing to improved overall safety.

For delegates

  • Accident prevention: Understand the main causes of accidents and learn how to minimise risks
  • Proper selection of PPE: Identify and select the correct personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Proficiency in pre-start checks: Acquire skills in carrying out pre-start checks, contributing to overall safety
  • Tackling challenging terrains: Build confidence in navigating challenging terrains, ensuring safe operation.

This course is tailored to meet your needs if:


  Power press tool setter: If you are a power press tool setter this course is specifically designed to provide you with comprehensive safety training, enhancing your skills in operating and managing power presses

Industry professionals: If you work in an industry where power presses are utilised this course is tailored to ensure that you have the necessary knowledge to comply with regulations governing power press operation

Health and safety responsibility: If you hold responsibilities for the health and safety of employees operating power presses, this course equips you with the understanding and tools to fulfil these crucial responsibilities effectively

Workplace safety advocates: If you are committed to creating a safer workplace environment and actively seek to prevent accidents related to power press machinery, this course provides the knowledge and strategies to contribute to accident prevention initiatives.


Why choose the Power Press Tool Setter course?


Comprehensive coverage:
The course covers legal aspects, hazards, machinery components and practical skills, providing a well-rounded education on power press safety.


Experienced tutors:
Benefit from the expertise of our RoSPA's tutors, who have been at the forefront of accident prevention for over a century


Focus on prevention:
The course emphasizes accident prevention through understanding the causes of accidents and implementing effective
control measures


Tailored for tool setters:
Specifically designed for power press tool setters, ensuring that the content is relevant to their roles and responsibilities.


Take the first step towards a safer workplace! Enrol now in our Power Press Tool Setter Training and empower yourself with comprehensive safety skills. Protect your team and prevent accidents. Secure your spot and elevate
your Power Press expertise today!



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