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‘Baby proofing’

The truth is that ‘baby proofing’ or ‘child proofing’ our homes is a myth. No matter how hard we try, it is impossible to make every environment 100 per cent safe and children will always suffer a few bumps and scrapes along the way.

Sadly however, some accidents are so serious that they ruin lives forever. Thankfully there’s plenty of practical things we can do to stop these accidents from happening…


The ‘baby proofing’ myth: What you can do

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Keep your eyes open.

We know it’s impossible to watch our children 24/7. That’s why getting into the habit of keeping dangerous items out of reach is so important. Some situations however, are just too risky to leave children unsupervised – especially near water, such as in the bath or near a pond, on a high surface, or in the kitchen.

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It doesn’t need to be expensive.

While some things such as safety gates and cupboard latches can be invaluable, the reality is you don’t need to spend a fortune protecting your child. Lots of the most valuable things you can do are in fact free. For example, an old towel can serve as a door jammer and getting into the habit of putting hair straighteners away after use or keeping hot drinks well out of reach doesn’t cost anything. Our advice pages give you lots of ideas to get you started.


Sharing really is caring.

For new parents especially, learning simple lessons from other parents can be life changing. Equally, sharing your stories and experiences can challenge assumptions, help to raise awareness and empower others to make safer choices. They can mean the difference between a happy ending and tragedy.

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