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RoSPA in association with Northern Ireland Electricity have produced this set of web pages to highlight the need for electricity safety. Accidents with electricity are rare…but even one accident is one too many. Protecting yourself, your family and your home is easy if you use care and common sense.

We have produced detailed advice covering many areas of electricity safety, including:

Electrical Safety and Northern Ireland's Private Rented Sector

Following their success in improving electrical safety for private tenants in Scotland, they are now calling for the same protection for those in Northern Ireland. Government statistics show that homes in Northern Ireland are at a high risk from fires of an electrical origin. In 2013-14, electrical-related fires accounted for over 65% of all accidental fires. And, as many of these occur within the home, safety in dwellings - especially in the Private Rented Sector (PRS) - is one of the Charity's key concerns.

The PRS in Northern Ireland is expanding at an unprecedented rate and it now makes up almost 20% of the housing landscape. But independent research indicates that private tenants are more at risk of electric shock or fire than owner-occupiers. And, as almost half (48%) of all electrical fires are caused by the type of appliance routinely provided by landlords - such as dishwashers, cookers and fridge/freezers – safety concerns are growing.

While landlords are legally required to have gas installations and appliances in their rented properties checked each year, the regulations around electricity are much more ambiguous. So Electrical Safety First is calling for mandatory, five yearly checks of the electrical installations, by a suitably competent person, of all PRS properties (along with any electrical appliances supplied), with visual checks undertaken at change of tenancy.

Electrical Safety First successfully pushed for these requirements to be included in the recent Scottish Housing Bill and now - with the Department for Social Development's forthcoming review of the PRS - the Northern Ireland Executive has a vital opportunity to enhance electrical safety and protect both landlords' property and tenants' safety.

If you can support Electrical Safety First's campaign, please get in touch with Wayne Mackay at wayne.mackay@electricalsafetyfirst.org.uk or on 0131 445 4690.

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Produced in association with Northern Ireland Electricity.

Produced in association with Northern Ireland Electricity - www.nie.co.uk


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