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Safety Auditors

Elevate your organisation's safety standards by enrolling your employees in safety auditor training

Safety auditor training is designed to empower your staff with the requisite skills to execute a thorough health and safety audit. Opting to train an in-house member offers the advantage of familiarity with your workplace culture and an existing knowledge of strategies and safety procedures. Our training ensures auditors are brought up to the high standards set by RoSPA, fostering a comprehensive understanding of essential skills. This includes instilling risk-based thinking and leadership abilities, boosting confidence throughout your entire organisation.

What is a health and safety audit?

A health and safety audit is a meticulous assessment of an organisation's health and safety policies, management systems, and procedures. This invaluable process aids in pinpointing potential hazards and risks, allowing organisations to evaluate their health and safety practices and identify areas for improvement. A health and safety audit encompasses various critical areas, including health and safety policy and procedures, risk assessment, training, communication of health and safety across the organisation, accident and incident reporting, investigations, corrective and preventive actions, and document review.

Why study with RoSPA?


Training is flexible and can be tailored to align with your organisational objectives


Ensures your auditors are equipped to meet and exceed industry benchmarks


Participants will learn the latest effective techniques to plan, conduct and follow up an audit


Compliance with relevant legislation is guaranteed, contributing to an overall improvement in your
safety record


Which health and safety audit course should I take?

Construction Design and Management (CDM)
Audit and Reviewing Health and Safety Management Systems

Designed to empower individuals with the skills necessary to assess current policies, procedures and safety management systems. The course is flexible, ensuring specific health and safety concerns can be addressed.

CDM 2015 in Practice
Quality Safety Auditors

RoSPA’s flagship quantitative audit, designed to benchmark organisations against best practices in health and safety. Equips employees with the necessary skills to conduct comprehensive health and safety audits.

Investing in safety auditor training with RoSPA is an investment in the wellbeing and success of your organisation.

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