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First Aid Courses

Equip yourself with essential first aid skills, ensure regulatory compliance and contribute to a safer workplace environment.


What is First Aid Training

According to the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981, employers are obligated to establish provisions ensuring that their workforce is equipped to receive immediate and effective first aid in the event of injury or illness within the workplace. First aid training imparts the knowledge and proficiency needed to respond to medical situations, illnesses, or emergencies until professional medical assistance arrives. It encompasses fundamental response principles, CPR, life support, handling choking incidents, managing shock, addressing bleeding, treating burns, handling fractures, dealing with head injuries and unresponsiveness.

Why study with RoSPA?


Acquire practical skills in real-life scenarios


Demonstrate your dedication to meeting regulatory compliance standards


Cover a comprehensive range of topics, preparing participants to confidently address diverse emergency situations



Benefit from nationally recognised quality through this Qualsafe accredited course

Which First Aid course should I take?

Health and Safety Representative
First Aid at Work 

This three-day Qualsafe accredited course is ideal for larger or higher-risk environments and covers a wide range of illnesses and emergency situations.

Emergency First Aid at Work

A one-day Qualsafe accredited training course designed for first aiders working in small or low-risk environments. Provides the skills and knowledge to handle a range of emergency first aid situations.

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