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Welcome to RoSPA Qualifications 

RoSPA Qualifications has been built on the long-standing reputation in accident prevention, by providing expertise in global health and safety standards and road safety qualifications. 

Delivering a RoSPA Qualification showcases a commitment to excellence in safety practices, enhancing credibility and legal compliance. By reducing accidents and fostering a safety-conscious culture, RoSPA Qualifications contribute to a safer environment in workplaces and beyond.

Our Qualifications
Our Qualifications
How to deliver RoSPA Qualifications
How to deliver RoSPA Qualifications
Course Assurance
Course Assurance
Already a qualification centre
Already a qualification centre?

“We were fully supported through the course creation process, enabling us to discuss options to   guarantee that delegates would gain the right skills, knowledge and confidence in this field.”
Ruth Hewitt
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Looking for a provider?

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Reasons to deliver RoSPA Qualifications
10 reasons to deliver RoSPA Qualifications

Delivering RoSPA Qualifications can offer benefits to your organisation and your learners.


RoSPA Qualifications is a subsidiary of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, recognised in November 2015 by Ofqual (The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation).
RoSPA Qualifications operates autonomously from RoSPA and RoSPA Training Academy Functions

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