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Driver training on-road courses

Explore our selection of on-road driver training courses, ranging from advanced driving techniques to comprehensive driver assessments. Whether you aim to enhance fleet management efficiency or refine individual driving skills, our courses are tailored to meet your needs.


Why is driver training important?

Driver training is crucial for both businesses and individuals alike due to its significant impact on safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. For businesses, properly trained drivers not only reduce the risk of accidents and injuries but also protect the company's reputation and assets. By instilling safe driving practices and awareness of regulations, businesses can minimise downtime and potential liabilities. Skilled drivers contribute to improved fuel efficiency and vehicle maintenance, leading to long-term cost savings. For individuals, driver training enhances their ability to navigate various road conditions safely, promoting confidence behind the wheel. Ultimately, investing in driver training ensures a safer environment for all road users while promoting professionalism and proficiency in transportation operations. 

Why choose RoSPA for your learning journey?


Elevate your drivers' practical skills with our specialised training courses


Benefit from personalised guidance and support from our
experienced tutors


Tailor-made training packages are available to align perfectly with your fleet's requirements


Acquire nationally recognised qualifications that enhance credibility and proficiency 

Which on-road driver training course should I take?

Advanced Driving
RoSPA Level 2 Award in Advanced Driving

This four-day course is designed to enhance the driving skills and safety awareness of qualified drivers. Ideal for those preparing for the RoSPA Advanced Driving Test or seeking to elevate their driving abilities to a higher standard. It is founded on the principles of 'Roadcraft: The Police Driver’s Handbook' and the RoSPA 'Advanced Car Test Guidelines.'

Advanced Driving Skills Refresher
Advanced Driving Skills Refresher

This two-day refresher course is designed to enhance your driving skills and maintain the highest standards on the road, ensuring you are well-prepared for the renowned RoSPA advanced driving test.

Advanced Behavioural Driver Training
RoSPA Level 4 Award in Advanced Behavioural Driver Training

A five-day course designed to equip individuals with the coaching skills and qualifications necessary to become a qualified fleet driver trainer.

Advanced Behavioural Driver Training Skills Refresher
Advanced Behavioural Driver Training Skills Refresher

Designed for individuals that have previously completed the Level 4 Award in Advanced Behavioural Driver Training. This three-day course provides a valuable opportunity to refresh and enhance your existing coaching skills and maintain your expertise at the highest level.

Driver assessor skills
RoSPA Level 2 Award in Driver Assessor Skills

Designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to assess other drivers competently, enabling you to assess your fleet – for less.

Driver assessor skills
Driver Assessor Skills Refresher

A one-day programme to refresh your knowledge and skills, enabling you to conduct thorough driver assessments.

Driver Assessments
Driver Assessments

Designed to enhance driving skills, reinforce safety measures, and identify areas for development, this 60-minute session covers various road types, providing participants with valuable insights and a constructive feedback discussion.

Motorcycle Instructor Training
Trailer Handling

This one-day trailer handling programme is designed to provide participants with an in-depth introduction to the safe operation of trailers and the relevant legislation.

Defensive Driving
RoSPA Level 2 Award in Defensive Driving

Whether you manage a fleet of vehicles for your organisation, or are an individual driver, this one-day qualification is designed to keep you, your team and other road users safe.

RoSPA Level 3 International Award for Driver Trainers 

This international train the trainer qualification has been specifically developed to support your driver trainers so they can coach others in your organisation to the highest driving standards. 

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