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Slips, trips and falls

   Slips, trips and falls

Winter air is slowly creeping upon us, and with this weather change comes the assumption that the risk of older people slipping and falling outdoors is greater. However according to a recent study indoor falls are more likely than outdoor.

The research from the Hospital of Central Connecticut shows that hip fractures in older people are more likely to be caused by indoor falls than slipping on snow or ice. Of 544 patients, just 24 per cent fractured their hip outside, with all other breaks occurring indoors. This is backed up by 2015/16 figures from hospitals in England, with 1,153 admissions related to falls involving ice and snow, and a staggering 93,287 related to slipping, tripping and stumbling.

This is no surprise to us.

The most serious falls take place in the home, with the kitchen and staircases being the most common. In fact, 60 per cent of deaths result from accidents on stairs, so this is an issue that needs to be talked about more.

Falls for older people is such a prominent problem in society - they can be traumatic and have devastating outcomes. But falls are not completely inevitable as we age.

Together we can raise awareness and face the problem head on to reduce these shocking numbers.

Stand Up, Stay Up is a national RoSPA-run falls prevention programme that brings together a community of professionals and voluntary organisations, driven by the single aim of helping older people who have had or are at risk of having a fall.

Taking action against this issue will not only reduce the strain the NHS and social care services face, but can instil confidence in older people all over the UK, as well as helping to keep them safe.

For more information on falls prevention, visit our Stand Up, Stay Up page.

Ashley Martin, public health project manager

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