Yell, the directories business, have taken steps to keep its people safe when they are driving for work by linking up with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents to manage occupational road risk.

Yell has undergone a RoSPA Management Occupational Road Risk (MORR) Review, and have now launched a three-year programme of driver assessment, training and education for 1,700 of its people in the UK who drive on company business.

For the first stage of the programme, those who drive as part of their job take a RoSPA Driver Profiler assessment. Driver Profiler, an online psychometric risk assessment, establishes which training interventions are most appropriate for individual drivers, helping Yell move away from a blanket approach to driver training.

"Driver development benefits individual employees, helping them avoid their own accidents and those caused by other people.."

Depending on the result of the assessment, drivers then take part in either RoSPA's interactive Online Driver Training session or have 1:1 in-vehicle Driver Development Training. The ever popular driver development training course is RoSPA's flagship course which equips drivers with essential defensive driving techniques and in 2009 over 1500 drivers attended a Driver Development Course with RoSPA.

With up to a third of crashes on Britain's roads involving someone who is at work at the time, RoSPA has campaigned for MORR™ to be taken seriously by employers and regulators for more than a decade. As part of the campaign, the safety charity argues that MORR™ makes sense for moral, legal and business reasons, and it also provides practical assistance to enable organisations to address the issue comprehensively.

"RoSPA welcomes Yell's commitment to managing occupational road risk. The firm is demonstrating that it takes seriously its responsibility to the safety of Yell people and others on the road around them.

"When interventions such as driver assessment and training are part of a firm's overarching MORR™ system, that organisation is well on its way to seeing the benefits that come from taking road safety seriously.

"Driver development benefits individual employees, helping them avoid their own accidents and those caused by other people and enabling them to get more out of their driving. There are also clear legal reasons why firms cannot ignore road risk, plus a sound business case."

Kevin Clinton, RoSPA Head of Road Safety

Phil Barr, Head of Human Resources for Yell in the UK, said: "The RoSPA bespoke driver training is of great benefit to Yell people, ensuring they are equipped with the knowledge and practical skills to drive safely and efficiently in their day-to-day roles."

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