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Health and safety training courses

A global leader in health and safety training

An estimated 2.3 million people around the world have work-related accidents or diseases every year, which relates to over 6000 deaths every single day. Worldwide, there are around 340 million occupational accidents and 160 million victims of work-related illnesses annually. Within the UK alone, £15 billion was the annual cost of work-related and new cases of ill health.

We offer a comprehensive suite of health and safety training which reflects our passion, expertise and leadership. We educate over 12,000 delegates each year from all over the world to help them improve their knowledge and skills, reduce risks and make workplaces healthier and safer for everyone, and so they can return home safely to their families at the end of the working day.

"Fantastic course that I would highly recommend. The trainer was brilliant, got everyone involved and promoted the desire to learn."

Mick Dunn - FCC Environment

How to study with RoSPA

Virtual live classroom

Live interactive and engaging classes with break outs, discussions and case studies


Study at your own pace as content is available on demand

Face-to-face classroom

Our classrooms offer day/multiday courses at a variety of locations across the United Kingdom

In-house training

An effective way of training several delegates at the same time, saving on time and travel costs

Which health and safety course should I study?

NEBOSH Courses
NEBOSH courses

NEBOSH qualifications are highly regarded and sought after throughout the world for those wishing to become a health and safety practitioner

IOSH Courses
IOSH courses

IOSH courses are internationally recognised professional qualifications designed to raise the standards of health and safety in the workplace

Work based
Work-based courses

A new work-based qualification for people who work in health and safety

Manual Handling Courses
Manual handling courses

Manual handling training courses designed to help minimise the incidence of MSDs, reduce injury and increase productivity within your organisation

Moving and Handling Courses
Moving and handling courses

Moving and handling training courses designed to educate participants regarding both the requirements and risks associated with moving people safely

Risk Assessment Courses
Risk assessment courses

Our suite of risk assessment courses give you the practical skills and know-how to get the job done, thoroughly and efficiently


Roles and Responsibilities Courses
Roles and responsibilities courses

Training courses designed to help individuals with health and safety responsibilities do their job efficiently and effectively

Specialist Training Courses
Specialist training courses

A selection of specialist training courses designed to help you assess workplace risks and implement appropriate safety measures

Health and Safety Auditor Courses
Health and safety auditor courses

Safety auditor training designed to equip your employees with the skills needed to undertake a comprehensive health and safety audit

First Aid Courses
First aid courses

Our suite of first aid courses ensure you have the skills required to provide first aid assistance at the workplace in all other areas of life

IEMA Training courses
IEMA Training Courses

An IEMA environmental course will help employees to contribute positively to their organisation's sustainability efforts.

Why is workplace safety training important?

Fundamentally, a company's greatest asset is its people and failure to control risks can lead to high costs through sick leave, insurance costs and lost productivity. Occupational health and safety training is important because risks which could cause death or injury should be properly controlled. It is about ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for its employees.

Case studies

Take a look at the success stories of the various companies we've worked with, and how our safety training services helped them improve.
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"Fantastic course that I would highly recommend. The trainer was brilliant, got everyone involved and promoted the desire to learn."

Mick Dunn - FCC Environment

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