RoSPA Annual Review 2019/20

Welcome to RoSPA’s Annual Review 2019/20 – what a year of contrast!

For RoSPA, like so many other organisations, our year started and ended very differently. Two Family Safety Weeks provided the bookends for the year, but the COVID-19 pandemic meant that the context in which they were delivered had changed vastly during the 12 intervening months.

Despite changing circumstances, our resolve to work towards our vision for “life, free from serious accidental injury” did not weaken. Indeed, with the year ending with many people working and educating from home – the location where you are most likely to suffer an accidental injury – we worked hard to share safety messages that would not only reduce pain and suffering to individuals and families but also reduce demand on the NHS at a time of huge challenge.

With so much in flux over the last year, we also took the opportunity to change how we produce our Annual Review. We are pleased to launch our first video review of the year, looking back over our work and achievements from 2019/20. We hope you enjoy it!

Annual Review 2018/19
Financial statements

RoSPA Report & Financial Statements 2019/20, Pension Scheme investment principles and Benefits Plan implementation statement.

Annual Review 2018/19
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Who’s who for 2019/20

Annual Review 2018/19
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RoSPA Annual Reviews for past years

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