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IEMA Training Courses

Helping to create a more sustainable future

With mounting pressure on businesses to address environmental and sustainability issues, and measure and report on ESG impacts, an IEMA environmental course will help employees to contribute positively to their organisation's sustainability efforts.

Why choose RoSPA for your learning journey?


Respond to the climate crisis: 
Clear, consistent guidance on best practice to respond effectively to the climate crisis, contributing to global efforts towards a more sustainable future.


Competitive advantage: 
Gain competitive edge by demonstrating a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, attracting environmentally conscious clients and customers. 


Enhanced career prospects: 
Gaining an IEMA qualification will enhance your environmental and sustainability skills and contribute to professional growth.


The online delivery method enables participants to access the course at their convenience.

Which IEMA course should I take?

Environmental management
IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management

This five-day course provides a foundation in environmental and sustainability principles which leads to IEMA Associate membership.

Sustainability Skills for the workforce
IEMA Sustainability Skills for the Workforce

This one-day course providing a practical introduction to environmental sustainability issues, helping employees to contribute positively to their organisation's sustainability efforts.

Sustainability Skills for managers
IEMA Sustainability Skills for Managers

This two-day course provides managers and supervisors with an in-depth understanding of the strategic and operational implications of environmental sustainability.

Advanced Behavioural Driver Training Skills Refresher
IEMA Pathways to Net Zero 

A comprehensive two-day course designed to guide businesses of all sizes on their journey towards sustainability with an emphasis on achieving net zero and carbon neutrality.

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