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Keeping Kids Safe

As we enter our centenary year, we’re stepping up our work to help one of the groups most vulnerable to accidents – children.

While over the years we’ve made huge strides in our workplaces and on our roads, sadly accidents remain the biggest killer of children and young people, up to the age of 19.

Yet it doesn’t have to be like this.

We passionately believe that together we can change our society for the better, so that no young child is needlessly hurt or killed in an accident that didn’t have to happen.

Our new Keeping Kids Safe campaign aims to end the tragic toll of 0-4 year olds needlessly killed or injured – but we need your help.

Accidents to under 5s poster
Accidents to under 5s poster

Accidents remain the biggest killer of children and young people

Keeping Kids Safe hub

Less than a third of parents of under-5s feel they get enough advice and information to protect their little ones from accidental harm. Our new Keeping Kids Safe hub aims to fill this gap by providing life-saving advice, and information parents can trust.


Our new telephone and email enquiry service again provides vital information and is free for parents.

Shared stories

Behind every statistic are real families, and real children. Children like Leah, who died in a blind cord accident and Maison, who suffocated on a nappy sack. We’re working with their parents to share their stories and raise awareness so that others don’t needlessly suffer as they have done.

A&E attendances

Through our Action on Accidents campaign we’re calling for a £20million-per-year nationwide programme that would relieve some of the huge pressure on A&E departments by preventing accidental injuries to under-5s.

Safer homes

Our blind cord and thermostatic mixing valve campaigns have created safer living spaces for children and we continue to lobby for homes that are safer by design.

Spread the word

Share details of our Keeping Kids Safe hub with your family, friends, colleagues and professional network.

Support our appeal

Our Brighter Beginnings Appeal is raising money to provide new parents with life-saving tips and tools. The more money we manage to raise, the more Parent Packs we can provide - meaning a better chance of Brighter Beginnings for more young children.