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Accidents kill more than 15,000 people each year across the UK. They are the major cause of death up to the age of 39 and the leading cause of preventable, premature death for most of our lives.

RoSPA has a long history of successful campaigning on issues which save lives and reduce injuries. But, as a charity, we couldn't have done this without the help, financial and otherwise, of those who support our mission.

Did you know? RoSPA:

  • Secured compulsory wearing of seatbelts
  • Campaigned for safer foam furnishings
  • Helped pass fitted-plug legislation
  • Raised the profile of handheld mobile use in cars
  • Helped to fit free safety equipment in homes
  • Campaigned to change the law regarding Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs)

Your donation could help us to provide resources to save lives, or information and advice to prevent accidents in the home, on the road, at work or at leisure. It could enable us to lobby for legislative change and provide safety training.

Donating to RoSPA can help stop another life being tragically cut short by an accident that should never have happened.

Support our mission – fundraise for RoSPA!

If you would like to fundraise for us, please contact us at [email protected]

Accidents are the leading cause of death up to the age of 39; they are the biggest killer of children post-infancy. This video introduces you to four families whose lives have been changed forever by a fatal accident. As bereaved dad Christian Patterson says, "We've paid a very high price; too high a price for any family to get this knowledge. Therefore, please, do everything you can to prevent an accident happening." Please watch the video and help by texting SAVE24 £5 to 70070. RoSPA is a registered charity that relies on the support of others to save lives and reduce injuries.

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