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Award for training provider using RoSPA course assurance service

Company: Learning Nexus
Achievement: Won the First Class E-Learning Small Provider of the Year at the inaugural RoSPA Qualifications Awards in 2023.


The RoSPA Qualifications Awards have been established to recognise and celebrate those organisations that put excellence right at the heart of learning and skills development by providing high-quality training courses which are assured by the RoSPA Qualifications course assurance scheme.
Kim Eade, Head of Production, People & Culture at Learning Nexus, told us how the organisation uses RoSPA’s course assurance service and what it meant to win the award.
What motivated your organisation to seek course assurance and enter the RoSPA Qualifications Awards?
“Learning Nexus has always admired the work of RoSPA, as it sets the standard for excellence in the health and safety industry. Having provided health and safety courses for over 30 years, we understand the key importance of setting high standards to prevent costly accidents.”

Can you share some key strategies or practices that contributed to your success in achieving course assurance? 
“We understand that having courses which can be relied on to deliver true and standard content is extremely important – health and safety departments have an important job to keep people safe so knowing content they purchase from us is trusted goes a long way in building successful partnerships.

“Our relationship and assurance with RoSPA is something we value as an organisation, and we work hard to create content which sits within guidelines and provides required information. Our learning designers do extensive research into topics while writing our courses, and check these with our pool of SMEs where required. They do a great job to bring this content to life with interactions and images that complements learning.”
How did your organisation develop and maintain high standards for e-learning delivery and content?
“We understand that digital learning can be dull for many learners, which is why we aim to make our content as engaging as possible. We use modern design techniques, video and animation to bring learning to life. Match that with our microlearning approach, and you have a recipe for success.
“Each course we create goes through a robust testing process, using members of our team across our Design Studio and Support teams to ensure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to the quality of a course.”
How do you envision this recognition influencing your organisation's reputation and growth in the e-learning industry?
“This recognition means a lot to us. RoSPA is an organisation with a strong reputation in the industry and being recognised as ‘Small E-Learning Provider of the Year’ reflects to customers our commitment to excellence in this field.”
What advice would you give to other organisations aiming to achieve similar recognition and excellence in e-learning provision?
“Put the learner at the centre of everything you create. Without learner buy in, your courses won’t receive the recognition they deserve. If a learner can’t engage, they can’t learn – and that’s the whole point of digital learning.”
September 2023.

Learning Nexus has always admired the work of RoSPA, as it sets the standard for excellence in the health and safety industry.”  - Kim Eade, Learning Nexus



Interested in course assurance?

Course Assurance allows organisations to get their health and safety training courses independently verified by RoSPA Qualifications, a leading name in health and safety and nationally recognised Awarding Organisation, providing reassurance to customers, employees and stakeholders that your programmes are of a high standard. The RoSPA Qualifications Awards are free to enter for existing Course Assurance customers.

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