Road surface conditions

Loss of Control

Photo courtesy of Pete Chapman

Part of the challenge of riding a motorbike is adjusting your riding to deal with different road conditions.

  • poor weather conditions
  • diesel spills
  • mud
  • manhole covers
  • painted road markings.

Look out for these conditions and for road signs warning you of hazards ahead. There may be other clues to hazards; for example, where lorries turn, there may be diesel spills, where there are building sites, or farm and field entrances, there may be mud. Even new road surfaces can be slippery under certain conditions.

Make sure your tyres are in good condition and are always at the correct pressure.

Always allow yourself sufficient time and space to see what is ahead of you so you can always take avoiding action. Your safety will depend on the circumstances around the hazard, such as road conditions, weather, the limitations of your bike, and your skill and fitness as a rider.

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