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We build long-lasting and collaborative partnerships

If you’re an organisation with an ambition to go beyond safety excellence and become exemplars in health, safety and wellbeing, we encourage you to reach out to us.

A strategic partnership with RoSPA, offers organisations the opportunity to work with us to develop and deliver bespoke projects that not only support RoSPA’s charitable mission but also truly inspire and influence change and help create a lasting legacies.

For us, collaborating with partners is a crucial way to achieve lasting policy change and to create a safer world
for everyone.

What is working in partnership?

Partnerships are vital to the way we work and we work with other organisations that help us strive towards achieving our mission ‘Life, free from serious accidental injury’.

Our partnerships have a huge reach, from global organisations such as L’Oréal and GPIC to UK based organisations such as Severn Trent and the Berkeley Group. All our partners have one common goal which is to do something new, different and better than before to improve health and safety.

The relationships we build with our partners allow us to develop evidenced based interventions that keep workers and their families happy and safe.

Why partnerships are important

Every day, people die as a result of occupational accidents or work-related diseases – more than 2.78 million deaths per year. Additionally, there are some 374 million non-fatal work-related injuries each year, resulting in more than 4 days of absences from work. The human cost of this daily adversity is vast and the economic burden of poor occupational safety and health practices is estimated at 3.94 per cent of global Gross Domestic Product each year. 1

Yet, accidents don’t have to happen.

We’re proud to be at the heart of accident prevention in the UK and around the world, working to stop the needless loss and devastation that accidents cause to individuals, families, communities, businesses and society as a whole.

We are the only UK charity to work across workplace health and safety, and road, home, leisure and education safety, by promoting the exchange of life-enhancing skills and knowledge.

Why partnerships are formed

Our Partnerships are forged with organisations that value and share our guiding values and principles. Bespoke projects are crafted to meet and reflect both organisations ambition to go beyond safety excellence.

Our long-term partnerships have allowed both organisations to develop safety approaches that deliver influence and impact a number of countries.

Organisations that we work in partnership with:


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