My daughter passed her test a while ago but lacks confidence on motorways. Will a half-day course concentrating on motorway driving be enough to give her the confidence that she needs?


It is worth mentioning that motorways are actually the safest roads, despite their high speeds, because there are few junctions, the lanes are wider, there’s a hard-shoulder and a central reservation separating the opposing streams of traffic, and pedestrians and pedal cyclists are not allowed to use motorways.

If your daughter is driving on country roads to avoid motorways, she’s actually putting herself at greater risk, because these roads are far more dangerous than motorways. However, because learners are not allowed to use motorways, many feel anxious about doing so when they have gained their full licence.

It is not only important to gain experience on higher speed dual-carriageway roads while learning to drive, but after the test it’s a great idea to take some further training with a professional instructor on a motorway. Pass Plus courses usually include motorway driving. We’d suggest that your daughter takes some refresher driver training. If she has to drive for work, she could ask her employer if they would arrange some driver training. Other options include joining RoSPA’s Advanced Drivers and Riders (RoADAR) to undergo further driving tuition and development in order to take RoSPA’s Advanced Driving Test.

Alternatively, your daughter could looked for a professional driving instructor who specialises in anxious drivers and who can focus on motorway driving. A list of instructors can be found in the learners and new drivers and riders section of the Direct Gov website. Look for ones who have signed up to DSA's voluntary continuing professional development (CPD) scheme and voluntary code of practice. Whichever option your daughter chooses, she should discuss her concerns about driving on motorways with the trainer, so the training can be tailored to her needs.

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