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What are the most common DIY accidents?


Injuries from tools and machinery are estimated to account for 87,000 of the 220,000 DIY enthusiasts turning up at hospital each year.

Ladder and stepladder accidents send 41,000 people to hospital annually - often resulting in some of the most serious injuries and even death when people fall from high up.

Splinters, grit, dust, dirt and other particles result in another 60,000 people seeking treatment in casualty.

The most dangerous tools according to the Home Accident Surveillance System (2002) are:

1. Knives and scalpels (21,300 accidents in the UK each year)

2. Saws (15,100)

3. Grinders (6,400)

4. Hammers (5,800)

5. Chisels (3,900)

6. Screwdrivers (3,400)

7. Power Drills (3,000)

8. Axes (2,200)

9. Planes (2,100)

10. Welding Equipment (2,000).

The top ten DIY materials to take care with are:

1. Wood, chipboard etc. (29,400 accidents)

2. Paving/Concrete Blocks (21,200)

3. Metal bars, sheets etc. (12,800)

4. Nails (15,400)

5. Bricks (8,000)

6. Paint and paint pots (3,900)

7. Glue, paste etc. (3,100)

8. Screws and floor/wall tiles (2,500)

10. Wallpaper (1,600).

Common DIY accidents include cuts from knives while cutting cable and carpets, slips with saws when cutting wood, paint dripping into eyes from ceilings and slabs falling onto hands and feet.

Many accidents could be avoided by spending more time on planning and ensuring that safety gear - such as gloves, masks and goggles - is worn when necessary. People often make mistakes when they rush jobs or are tired. Many people overestimate their capabilities, for instance gas and electric work should be left to the experts.

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