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Festive Electrical Safety campaign

The Festive Electrical Safety Campaign was a Christmas campaign that ran over the 3 month festive period in 2013.

Funded by the Electrical Safety council, this project was initiated to tackle the causes of electrically –related fires. The target audience for this initiative was the elderly with the area focus of the misuse of electrical products, specifically Christmas lights, decorations and the overloading of sockets.

RoSPA delivered talks and presentations to over 300 older people living across Edinburgh. Overall the project found the following:

  • 100% of participants enjoyed the session
  • 99% said that they learned something they did not know before
  • 98% said they would share their new knowledge with family or friends
  • 24% of participants still used box adapters and were unaware of the dangers of older styled box sockets. The four way extension socket would remedy this
  • There was a clear increases in knowledge in socket overloading (31% were correct at the start of the session, to 95% correct by the end). 
Downloads: Overloading is dangerous - Don't risk it

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