Are You Water Wise?

Quiz Answers

  1. Very deep water; very cold water; hidden obstacles; strong currents; no lifeguards; difficult to be rescued; murky water; high banks; fast watercraft, etc.
    1. No Running
    2. Danger Deep Water
    3. No Swimming
    4. No Diving
    5. Lifejackets must be worn
  2. The water is warm; the water is clear; you know the depths; there are no hidden obstacles under the water; there is a lifeguard to watch you; there is someone to rescue you, etc.
  3. It is harder to swim: you can get cramp; it takes your breath away, etc.
  4. You could hit your head on the bottom and damage your neck, or even become paralysed.
  5. Wear a buoyancy aid; join a club to learn safely; never go without an adult; don't muck around, etc.
  6. Anything that floats - lifebuoy; football; inflated armband; empty sealed plastic drink bottle, etc.
  7. What caused the problem for the victim may well cause the same problem for the rescuer (e.g. cold, currents); the victim may pull you under; the victim may be too heavy to tow; there may not be anyone to help you or the victim climb out of the water, etc.
  8. Run for help; dial 999 from the nearest call box or mobile phone.
  9. If the fence is broken, a child may fall in; if people cannot read the warning signs they may not realise how deep the water is or that swimming is not allowed; there may be no lifebuoy in place to throw to someone in difficulties; the rope on a lifebuoy may be missing, so if the first throw misses, there will be no second chance, etc.

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