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Are you water wise?

Water Wise Quiz
Water Wise Quiz

Are you water wise?


Are you water wise? Why not try our water safety quiz to test your knowledge?

  1. Why is open water so dangerous to swim in? Give at least three reasons.
  2. What do the signs in the picture mean?
  3. Why is it safer to go to a swimming pool than to swim in open water? Give at least three reasons.
  4. How can cold water affect your swimming ability?
  5. Why is diving into shallow water dangerous?
  6. How can people doing water sports stay safe?
  7. What could you throw to someone in the water to help them float? Give three things.
  8. Why is it a bad idea to jump in to try to save someone?
  9. How can you get help in an emergency?
  10. How could vandalism lead to someone being in danger in open water?


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