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The Environment Agency (EA) in England, Scottish Environmental Agency (SEPA) and Natural Resources Wales are the lead government agencies tasked with managing flood risks.  This is delivered in partnership with local authorities and agencies such including your council and fire & rescue services.

Post the 2007 floods, there has been regular local and national scale flooding. Whilst these events have resulted in significant disruption to services and damage to property, we understand that drowning fatalities have been limited to less than 10 in each of the major events. This is due to coordinated efforts of the emergency services, local planning and resilience forums which have worked with communities at risk.

Common scenarios where fatalities and serious injuries have occurred include:

  • Driving through flood water - particularly moving water
  • Watching storm events from piers, headlands or harbours, for example before being washed out to sea
  • Defending or rescuing property during severe flood events.

Many of these incidents are avoidable.

Where can I find out more?

The Environment Agency has put together advice and information to help you manage your flood risk:

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