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Rebreather safety

RoSPA CCR aware

In 2011 RoSPA were asked by DBIS to promote the safe use of rebreathers. RoSPA worked with rebreather industry experts to identify the key safety issues.

In order to reach the international diving community we created the RoSPA CCR Aware film, which gives divers and those new to rebreathers a solid awareness of the key safety factors for diving with rebreathers.

RoSPA CCR Aware has been created to help you make informed choices about your diving and we're sure that it will be of interest as a reminder for experienced rebreather divers.

The film is not intended to replace the introductory or refresher training you need to complete to dive safely. We hope you enjoy it and learn something useful.

The Film was launched at the R3 conference in Florida in May 2012. We hope to promote the film at future diving shows including Eurotec in Birmingham in October 2012.

Vikki Batten, technical diving consultant, PADI Technical Diving Division, said:

"I hope those who share my passion for rebreathers will be as delighted as I am with the CCR Aware video produced by RoSPA. If you have yet to experience rebreather diving, this video covers the considerations that will help you make the right choices and start your CCR career in a positive manner. If you are already an experienced CCR diver, it is a great reminder of the core safety concepts and can help you educate your family and friends about your responsibilities as a rebreather diver. Who knows, it may even help explain to them why you spend hours 'fiddling' with your equipment! Please share this video as widely as you can so that we are all working together to make the sport we love even safer."

Sue Middleton, executive officer, Sub-Aqua Association, said:

"The Sub-Aqua Association supports and applauds the effort made by RoSPA to produce a balanced and informative presentation introducing the use of rebreathers to recreational divers. As indicated in the film, it is essential that all potential users of rebreathers receive in-depth training on the particular unit they are interested in purchasing. No matter the level of experience the diver has using open circuit SCUBA, they become novices once again on opting for this form of equipment."

Jack Ingle, chief instructor, Jack Ingle Technical Diving, said:

"When deciding to go down the rebreather route, the two most important decisions you will have to make are: which make of rebreather do I want and which instructor shall I use? The most important of these decisions is which instructor? It is vital you obtain the best training you can get on your new rebreather.

Ask around about various instructors, make sure they have plenty of experience on the unit you have decided to buy and, more importantly, ask other rebreather divers who they trained with and if they would recommend the instructor. Do not be afraid of asking the instructor to give you names of students they have taught so you can contact these people. There are many very good makes of rebreather on the market but the most important element for any make of rebreather is good training."

Nicola Finn, product manager, Ambient Pressure Diving, said:

"The importance of increasing awareness and understanding of the risks associated with rebreather diving cannot be underestimated. The RoSPA film allows the diver to make a more informed choice and be better equipped to handle the disciplines of diving with a rebreather."

Mark Powell, TDI instructor trainer, Dive-Tech, said:

"TDI and SDI are very happy to support RoSPA's rebreather safety video. It is a great introduction to anyone curious to learn more about rebreathers. It is ideally pitched to dispel some of the myths about rebreathers and to get new rebreather divers on the right track."

Divers and diving agencies involved

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Divers and diving agencies involved

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