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Advanced driving

   Advanced driving

I turned 17 in April 2016 and I was desperate to learn how to drive so I could stop pestering my parents for lifts; I couldn’t wait for the freedom it would bring.

I read the entire Highway Code and practised questions, passing my theory test a week after I had turned 17. I then started my lessons and I enjoyed my first one so much that I couldn’t wait for the next. I was always keen to go out practising with my mum and I was full of questions about different situations one can encounter on the roads in the UK. This attitude continued in my driving lessons, and my instructor was always happy to answer my questions and practise all the things I was unsure of.

After just five weeks I passed my practical test with zero faults. I was thrilled, even more so when I was approached by my instructor to be told I would be a great candidate for the RoSPA Advanced Driver Test.  

I was keen to take the test as I wanted to be the safest driver I could at a very vulnerable age for motorists. Accelerate Driver Training,  who I’d had my driving lessons with, trained me for the test and I was responsible for conducting most of my practise as I was now able to drive on my own. I purchased and read ‘Roadcraft’ the Police Driver’s handbook, taking any questions I had to my instructor.  This enabled me to understand the way in which my car worked in different situations on the road such as skidding and going round tight bends and I was able to practise how to anticipate and deal with such scenarios. I took the test in September, fully expecting to achieve a Bronze and be satisfied that I was a safe and reliable young driver.

To hear I had achieved a Gold was not only a shock but a great privilege to be recognised as being at the highest standard of civilian driver in the UK.  Now hearing that I am the youngest holder on record of the Gold award is truly amazing.

 I have continued to drive with the same consideration for my vehicle, my passengers, myself and all other road users and I receive many compliments from passengers saying they enjoy travelling with me.  It is great knowing that my parents feel that I am as safe as I can be on the roads at all times.

Rachael Bomphrey    

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