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Project EDWARD

   Project EDWARD

Road safety is not an issue unique to Britain, where, in 2015, 1,732 people were killed and a further 22,137 were seriously injured. In the same year 26,000 people were killed on Europe’s roads, with 135,000 people being seriously injured – many with life-changing injuries.

This has prompted Violeta Bulc, EU Commissioner for Transport, to say that “every death or serious injury is one too many”.

RoSPA echoes this statement, and as a charity we are supporting TISPOL’S (the European Traffic Police Network) Project EDWARD tomorrow (September 21).

Driver and rider error is the main reason why crashes occur in Britain and across Europe. Project EDWARD, which stands for European Day Without A Road Death, highlights through a series of short films the dangers associated with actions such as speeding, driver distraction, illegal use of mobile phones while driving, and drink-driving.

The campaign, while stressing the vulnerability of cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians, also points out that it’s not just drivers who make mistakes or make decisions to break the rules of the road.

Project EDWARD’s aim is that no one will die on Europe’s roads tomorrow. Let’s hope that this is a success, on the day but also into the future.

Nick Lloyd, road safety manager

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