Falls for the elderly

   Falls for the elderly

The NHS is in a desperate state, and in particular our overburdened A&E departments. Every day the news tells us of funding pressures, increasing waiting times, lack of resources. The list goes on.

At RoSPA we don’t pretend to have all the answers, but we know we can help to ease the situation.

A new report by researchers at the Trauma Audit and Research Network has revealed that falls among the elderly are now the most common cause of serious injury seen in hospitals. A third of life-threatening trauma cases in England and Wales are among over-60s who have fallen from a standing or sitting height, and these risks increase with age.

Falls among the elderly has been a growing problem for a number of years, and for this reason RoSPA is running its Stand Up, Stay Up prevention programme, which aims to raise awareness while supporting organisations to maximise the impact of falls prevention in their local communities, promote their services and train staff and volunteers.

We are working to build a network of falls prevention professionals, to collate and share good practice and knowledge. We are also working directly with 10 local partners across the country to deliver falls prevention projects on the ground, including exercise classes and information campaigns. More details can be found at www.rospa.com/home-safety/stand-up-stay-up/falls-prevention-network/

While the growing number of falls is indicative of the ageing population, it also reflects a wider societal problem. The number of accidents on the road and in the workplace continue to fall, however we are seeing the net number of people killed and seriously injured by accidents increase due to a rise in the home and leisure environments.

Tackling accidents won’t cure all of the NHS’ ills, but all accidents can be prevented, and by doing so we can help to reduce the burden. But to enable us and others to do this, accident prevention must be given the proper public health prioritisation.

This new report demonstrates that accidents are a serious issue, and we hope that it means more decision-makers will sit up and take note.

Ashley Martin, public health project manager

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