CO alarm law change proposal

   CO alarm law change proposal

Carbon monoxide poisoning resulted in up to 4,000 attendances to accident and emergency departments and 264 hospitalisations last year, and annually there are upwards of 25 deaths in England and Wales alone. It has the ability to cause serious health issues, including lasting neurological damage, but being exposed to this deadly gas is preventable.

Its nick-name of “the silent killer” is accurate. You can’t see, hear, smell or taste carbon monoxide, but there is a way you can become aware of it – detectors.

Eddie Hughes, MP for Walsall North, has launched a consultation on his proposal for a law change that would require carbon monoxide detectors to be mandatory in homes across England and Wales. Forty six per cent of UK homes currently do not have one, leaving 12 million households at risk. This law change aims to reduce the number of deaths and injuries from carbon monoxide by providing this safety feature in the home, and through education and awareness.

The draft bill also proposes that alarms be fitted by landlords and in new build homes, and fire service authorities will be required to promote carbon monoxide safety throughout the UK.

The consultation has been put in place for industry professionals to make suggestions to improve the bill, and will run until the end of the year.

See the official press release for more information.

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