Daytime running lights during winter

As the winter days get shorter, frosty and foggy conditions mean visibility on the road is frequently reduced. 

Elf and safety: How to avoid an accident this Christmas

To help you avoid a less-than-festive trip to A&E, take a look at our list of common accidents that occur at Christmas, and our elf and safety tips.

Driving home for Christmas

With extra cars on the road and the potential for bad weather, the risk of being in a road accident increases in the days before the 25th.

Hands-free devices are not as safe as you think

The fact that hands-free devices are currently legal can mislead people into thinking they are a safe alternative to hand-held devices, but even a hands-free conversation introduces significant risk.

How to spot fake toys

It isn’t just Santa Claus who distributes toys at Christmas; criminals and black-market traders sell counterfeit items which carry a risk of harm to children at this time of year. But could you spot a fake toy?

Falls at home don’t have to happen

Cluttered stairs, kitchen hazards, doing gardening and occasional DIY… Did you know your home is statistically the most unsafe place to be?

Top festive tips for families in Scotland

Christmas is a busy time of year and many accidents can happen in the home.

Drink-driving at Christmas

When you are in the party spirit it can be tempting to indulge in a Christmas tipple and forget about the how you will be getting home. However, just one alcoholic drink can be enough to impact on driving ability.

Managing the risks of “risky” play

 Play safety managers and experts will gather together on December 5 to discuss how to develop and maintain quality play spaces.

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