Science fiction meets road safety

RoSPA's Rebecca Needham takes a close look at the new safety features that will be required by law to be fitted to all cars sold in the EU (and the UK) by 2022

Lesley Nish talks accident prevention

Accident prevention is a clear public health issue, says Lesley Nish, Health Improvement Lead at NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

The quiet killer: fatigue

Driver fatigue causes thousands of road accidents each year. RoSPA's Rebecca Needham explores why tiredness can kill and how you can avoid falling asleep at the wheel.

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in Scotland

Scotland committed to passing a law that will bring the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) into Scots law.

Making every community count

Helping communities develop drowning prevention plans will be the focus of the National Water Safety Conference this year.

RoSPA's Manifesto

Ahead of the general election, RoSPA is calling on all parties to make pledges to make simple, low-cost pledges to ensure they're placing wellbeing at the heart of their policies.

Water Safety Workshops

We evaluated outcomes of the RoSPA/RNLI workshop on Management of Water Safety in Local Authorities which was held in April this year.

Keeping Kids Safe in Scotland - update

Eight hundred families, in mostly south east Edinburgh, received a Keeping Kids Safe pack to help keep children under five safe from unintentional injury.

The importance of buckling up

Quite simply, not wearing a seatbelt in a car is both unsafe and illegal except for in a few extenuating circumstances.

Selfies and scrolling while driving

  The UK government has announced new plans to bring the handheld mobile phone offence into the 21st century.

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