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Low-level letterboxes

   Low-level letterboxes

Chelmsford Conservative MP Vicky Ford has called for a ban on low-level letterboxes in new properties to help postal workers avoid back and pet injuries.

This move is not only beneficial to postal workers, but is especially useful for people with mobility issues and those who struggle to retrieve items from the floor, therefore RoSPA supports the fitting of letterboxes at a raised level, and recommends the fitting of letterbox cages to catch mail so that it is then easily accessible.

The call, which is already in place in Europe, is for all new letterboxes to be installed between 70cm (2ft 3.5ins) and 170cm (5ft 7ins).

People who suffer from high or low blood pressure or take various medications can sometimes have dizzy spells when bending over or getting up quickly, which could be avoided with a raised letterbox. The addition may also help to avoid slips, trips and falls by having the items stored within easy reach, and prevent back injuries for both people in the home and postal workers.

The call is also to prevent postal workers being injured by animals in the home.

The bill will come back to the House of Commons for a second reading in March.

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