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Road skills for life

   Road skills for life

Most road accidents are preventable because they involve an element of human error and in the majority of incidents they are the primary cause. This is why our national accident prevention strategy (NAPS) focuses on providing life skill training and education.

As adults, we can take everyday tasks such as crossing the road safely for granted, it’s so easy to forget that children learn through experimentation and practice. Parents play a key role, as do schools and this is why we’ve produced advice for parents and a year 3-4 teaching pack for schools to help them deliver a practical pedestrian training lesson.

With 1,269 child pedestrian casualties in 2017 NAPS recommends children receive pedestrian training at Key Stages 1 and 2 to help them become safe independent travellers, the strategy also highlights the need for making driving safer for older drivers.

Driving often helps those over 65 to avoid isolation and fend off loneliness, so we want older people to remain on the road for as long as they are safe to do so. But, as we get older our reactions are slower and people need to take this into account and adapt their driving style and perhaps the vehicle they drive.

This is why we are offering free older driver assessments in August and September as part of our ‘Destination Drive’ campaign. If you are interested contact 0121 248 2099.

Small actions like this delivered in communities can make a real difference in the accident stats and save families from the strain of serious accidents or injury. If you are able to help us to implement any of these recommendations, we’d love your support.

Nick Lloyd, acting head of road safety
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