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Keep inflatables for the pool

   Keep inflatables for the pool

They might be insta-post-friendly, but the number of inflatable emergency call outs on our coasts is on the increase.

Inflatables are fun for using in swimming pools, but not recommended for use on beaches as this can be a serious risk to safety, for a number of reasons including strong currents and winds sweeping inflatables out to sea.

The numbers paint an inconsistent picture, with RNLI attending 38 call outs in Scotland 2014 -2018 due to inflatables, HMCG recording 10 call outs in Ayrshire alone in May and June 2018, with wider UK figures showing 190 call outs 2014-2018.

HM Coastguard, RNLI, RoSPA and SCOTSS have come together to help reduce instances of inflatable emergencies before any fatalities happen. Over the course of the spring and summer months, banners and information will go out across Scotland asking people to leave their inflatable toys in the pool or at home.

  • Inflatable toys are not suitable for use at the beach

  • Children should always be closely supervised

  • If you spot an inflatable drifting at sea, or one you are using gets blown away, report it to HM Coastguard on 999 immediately, giving as much information as possible. This will mean the toy can be recovered and prevent a larger search being launched.

The safety organisations are also working together to look the products and standards relating to the inflatables. It is anticipated that a number of different inflatables will be examined, and the findings highlighted in a short report.

For more information from RoSPA on inflatables visit our Inflatables webpage.

Carlene McAvoy, community safety development manager

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