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Keeping Kids Safe in Scotland - update

   Keeping Kids Safe in Scotland - update

The Keeping Kids Safe in the Home project in Edinburgh, in partnership with NHS Lothian and the Family Nurse Partnership, is now successfully completed. The project saw 800 families, in mostly south east Edinburgh, receive a Keeping Kids Safe pack which provided life enhancing information and tools to help keep children under five safe from unintentional injury.

RoSPA Scotland is part of the Building Safer Communities Executive team. Together we work across sectors blending community safety and health together. The project supported Getting it Right For Every Child (GIRFEC), and specifically ensured that young families received accident prevention information and tools at the most appropriate time, and by a healthcare professional. The project focused on the wellbeing indicator of “Safe” from the SHANNARI principles.

Independent research was undertaken by Powellite C.I.C. Although the full report can be accessed here, the main findings from project were as follows:
  • 84% of parents found the packs helpful or very helpful
  • 55% of parents said the pack and information increased their knowledge about risks
  • 25% of parents reported making safety changes to their home
  • When contacted 2 – 4 weeks after receiving the pack – 65% of parents had used the wash cloth whilst 75% had used or were planning to use the cupboard catch
  • 31% of parents were unware of all or some of the risks before the project
  • The pack should be handed out around the four month mark
  • The person centred approach of using the FNP and Health Visitors was considered “very effective” and “empowering”
  • Health Visitors and FNP staff also highlighted that short video clips on specific topics could be useful for parents.
The independent research report suggested that “working with Health Visitors in deprived areas and the Family Nurse Partnership to reach young mums is an excellent approach to support and educate parents on low incomes who have limited knowledge about the risks of strangulation, suffocation and poisoning in the home.”

RoSPA Scotland will now be looking at ways to roll out the project through expanding our work with the Family Nurse partnership, Health Visitors and any other relevant partners in Scotland.

Carlene McAvoy, Community Safety Development Manager
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