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Occupational road safety

   Occupational road safety

Paul Clarke, logistics fleet engineering manager for CEMEX UK, will be talking about managing work-related road risk and sharing the road space at RoSPA’s Fleet and Road Safety Conference on Thursday. Here, he briefly outlines how the company ensures the safety of all road users.

At CEMEX we have more than 900 vehicles that drive over 39million miles annually, so we take the safety of our drivers, and everyone that they interact with in the road environment, extremely seriously.

Our aim is to reduce road risk and encourage road sharing through improving road safety. We do this by taking a five-pronged strategic approach.

Firstly, we have a number of educational initiatives for our drivers that go beyond basic training and assessment; for example, we get them all onto bikes to ride around urban environments, to help raise their awareness of cyclists on the road.

Next, we collaborate with other organisations across the road safety arena, including charities like RoSPA, the police, and transport agencies like Transport for London.

Thirdly, we engage with the community, and in particular educational institutions and children, to teach them road safety and help them to understand how HGVs operate and the visibility that drivers have while in a cab.

We raise awareness more widely through a series of engagement events and campaigns, some of which have focused on the wearing of seatbelts, clearing of dashboards, and the dangers of using mobile phones behind the wheel. We also use livery on our vehicles to help increase the reach and impact of these campaigns.

And last, but certainly not least, we look at vehicle specification for the entirety of our fleet. This can include assessing how we can increase visibility around the cab and the vehicle, with things such as additional door windows and CCTV, and the fitting of telematics and other safety features, including messages for pedestrians and cyclists.

Paul will be giving more details on this appraoch at the RoSPA Fleet and Road Safety Conference on Thursday (February 27) in Leicester. For more information and to book your place, see
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