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Resetting after COVID-19

   Resetting after COVID-19

To say the last few months have been a challenge is certainly an understatement.

The pressure has been real. We’ve been required to move quickly as the pandemic evolved, making quick decisions that under “normal” circumstances would have taken much longer, to safeguard our people and ensure the sustainability of our organisations.

There is a lot to be said about agile working and flexibility on the return to work, however as businesses take these safe and healthy steps into the next phase, how are you “resetting” in preparation?

Health and Wellbeing Boards across England are being supported by the Local Government Association (LGA) to “reset”. I’ve taken the opportunity to translate this to the work that we do as a RoSPA community.


With COVID there are no “givens”; the potential scenarios outlined by the LGA include: successful and early vaccine; a severe second spike; and a long tapered recovery. Each of these merit the attention of your senior management team.

There has been much talk about R values, so as you reset:
  • Reflect on how you have managed to keep things moving
  • Recognise the team that has brought you this far
  • Reorganise the shape of your business
  • Reforecast the impact of COVID on business, and build back better by prioritising OSH-related issues
  • Reconsider your people as individuals with vulnerabilities, and how the impact of furlough and their roles as carers may have had an effect
Do this as a team. The past few months has shown how we can make the shift from face-to-face meetings to online platforms.


The past few months have kept us fully engaged in terms of understanding the impact of COVID, interpreting government guidelines, and developing systems to manage the risk, so is it now time for a PAUSE?

Prioritise your people
Assess the risk of COVID (but keep other hazards and risks high on your agenda)
Update your risk management system
Support those with depleted mental health
Evaluate the impact of the changes you have made.
Share your reset story – the rest of the RoSPA community is here to listen!

Dr Karen McDonnell, occupational safety and health adviser

Planning to reopen your work place? RoSPA can help with a Covid-19 Back-to-Work Review
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