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What is COVID-19 Secure?

   What is COVID-19 Secure?

The Government has released details of how certain businesses can start to operate from physical premises following lockdown, and how employees who can’t work from home can be facilitated to return to work.

Called COVID-19 Secure, the guidelines are designed to ensure businesses can operate during the outbreak, while keeping employees safe from transmission of the virus.

What is COVID-19 Secure?
There is detailed guidance covering eight workplace settings which are now allowed to be open: However, there are five broad principles covering all sectors and employers.

If you can, work from home
COVID-19 Secure is designed to help those businesses with employees who cannot work from home, ensure their staff remain safe from virus transmission.

Carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment
You can read about what this is in our blog, What is a COVID-19 risk assessment?

Generally this is similar to usual health and safety risk assessments, but should take into account the risks posed by virus transmission, such as working within the two-metre social distancing rule.

The risk assessment should also be conducted in consultations with employees or trade unions, and results should be published to the organisation’s websites – the Government expects all businesses with more than 50 employees to do this.

RoSPA can help with your COVID-19 risk assessment - find out how.

Maintain two-metre social distancing where possible
As identified in your COVID-19 risk assessment, workspaces and work patterns/operations should be redesigned so that employees can maintain a two-metre distance from colleagues at all times.

This includes communal spaces such as staff rooms, workspaces, and entrances and exits to and from your building/site.

Where this is not possible, manage transmission risk
Consider what equipment might be needed to create barriers between people who have to work closely together, or think about the minimum number of people you’ll need on-site at any one time.

Reinforce cleaning and hygiene processes
Employers need to ensure staff have access to sufficient handwashing facilities or hand sanitiser, and cleaning needs to be carried out more frequently, especially in areas or on surfaces that have a high touch/contact rate.


To find out more about how RoSPA can help you ensure you have properly conducted your COVID-19 risk assessment, see our web shop

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