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Hive Mind: Planning your CPD

   Hive Mind: Planning your CPD

What can we learn from bees?

Learning for your CPD doesn’t always have to be work related.

Indeed, I have learned a huge amount about team building and leadership through keeping bees, lots of interesting facts as well. Bees can see in colour and travel at 15-20 mph when looking for food and they have amazing navigational skills.

It is also important to note that the smooth running of a bee hive relies on a plan.

For me at the outset of 2020 I was planning on being ‘visible and connected’ around the themes that are important for RoSPA Policy work such as fatigue and driving. The forward plan included making presentations, face to face meetings and other traditional ways of working.

And then, almost overnight our working patterns changed.

The themes remained the same but the ways we in OSH world have had to change to accommodate managing the risk of covid, as we would any other risk, has resulted in a change of plan for all of us.

Planning is bringing the future into the present so you can do something about it now’

This quote by Alan Lakein brings personal time management and CPD together in my mind, reinforcing the importance of a disciplined timely approach to tackling your personal development. Each person’s CPD journey will be different dictated by job role, personal interests and what their overall aim is in terms of their working life.

                                                                       New skills

So like many others, I have had to learn new skills and quickly. I am sure you will agree that working remotely brings its own challenges. I have had to think more about things I have relied on others for! As as result, my revised CPD plan makes reference to using new ways to get messages across.

Occupational health and safety practitioners, have had to develop an understanding of covid as the pandemic has evolved, distilling down information from the ‘infodemic’; around us and then create these messages that keep people safe. Reading, developing your thinking and sharing what you have learned is an essential component of a personal development plan.

In the midst of change there is the potential for health and safety messages to drift and many of us have experienced a lack of situational awareness as people have returned to work, exposing themselves to risks which as professionals we have had to investigate, understand why and re-educate as a result. Learning from health and safety failure can be a hard lesson, and not part of anyone’s plan, but we can take the present into the future. These lessons learned also help us develop professionally.

Dr Karen McDonnell,
RoSPA’s OSH policy adviser
Posted: 11/5/2020 10:02:37 AM 0 comments


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