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How acting on the latest child mortality report findings could save lives

   How acting on the latest child mortality report findings could save lives

Keeping children safe is something parents and carers think about every day.

For those of us who have children, or who look after them through association such as family, friends, or even teachers, having the knowledge and data accessible to us to prevent harm is something that is welcome.

One of the most impactful tools at our disposal in accident prevention is data, and for the first time modifiable factors have been analysed on a national scale when it comes to child death in the UK.

The second annual child mortality report, published by the National Child Mortality Database (NCMD), covers 1, April 2019, to 31, March 2020, and offers those reading the opportunity to learn what led to the deaths of children across the UK over that year. Not only does it provide us with the data to further our knowledge of this area, but it also gives us a chance to begin to understand where we can prevent future child deaths.

Some of the modifiable factors included in the report cover areas such as unsafe sleeping arrangements and poor home environments, which RoSPA is already taking steps to help prevent and raise awareness, especially around children in our home accident prevention strategies.

Over the last year RoSPA have worked closely with NCMD to raise awareness of some factors of a home environment that can be altered to prevent further accidents to children, including working on an awareness raising campaign to help families understand the risks, and learn how to take action to make their blinds, and cord-operated curtains, work safely.

If you’re interested in learning more about our blind cord campaign click here, and for more of our child safety advice visit our home safety hub.

Ashley Martin
Public Health Adviser
Posted: 6/25/2021 4:23:04 PM 0 comments


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