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RoSPA Level 3 International Award for Driver Trainers

This international train the trainer qualification has been specifically developed to support your driver trainers so they can coach others in your organisation to the highest driving standards. Mastering driver coaching, assessing  driving standards, providing impactful feedback, and understanding the psychology behind driver behaviour are all important aspects of this comprehensive qualification. If you want to transform your driver training standards and achieve excellence in driver education, get in touch to find out more.

Who is the Level 3 International Award for Driver Trainers for?

Your staff whose job role is training individuals who are required to drive as part of their work outside the UK, will find this course valuable. It is tailored to meet the unique challenges and demands faced by those responsible for ensuring high standards of driver safety and efficiency in an international context.

What does the Level 3 International Award for Driver Trainers cover?

Delivery method:



Five days 


"Fatal Five" behaviours and their risks: distraction, fatigue, speed, impairment, use of seatbelts, and fatigue, emphasising that behaviour is a choice


Human factors: how personality, emotions, mood, tiredness, and stress impact driving behaviour, and identifying coping strategies


Coaching vs. instruction: comparing their features and benefits, and determining when each method is appropriate


GROW coaching model: using various question types, and effectively delivering a lesson plan with appropriate training activities


Person-centered training methods: accommodating all learning preferences, and balancing coaching, instruction, and independent practice


Importance of feedback: ensuring it is factual, constructive, driver-initiated, and includes clear improvement goals


Assessing vs. training: understanding assessment standards, marking systems, and recording and conducting assessments with consistent methods


Evaluating lesson plan effectiveness: in meeting driving goals, gathering feedback from drivers and peers, and reflecting on improvements for future sessions.



Upon successfully finishing this qualification you will be able to:

Understand driver behaviour:
The internal and external factors that affect driver behaviour, enabling more effective training strategies
Plan and prepare training sessions:
Learn to plan and prepare comprehensive driver training sessions that cater to diverse learning needs
Deliver training sessions:

Deliver driver training sessions using a person-centered approach to maximise engagement

Benefits of the qualification:

For employers

  • Achieve high standards of driver training certificated by a globally recognised road safety organisation
  • Minimise occupational road risk by ensuring the quality and consistency of your driver training
  • Reduce the risks to other road users with proficiently trained drivers
  • Empower your organisation to become a recognised training Centre through RoSPA Qualifications, enabling the delivery of Level 2 International Award in Defensive Driving


For participants

  • Master the skills of coaching drivers and assessing driving standards
  • Gain expertise in coaching and client-centered learning techniques
  • Develop skills in coaching conversations, goal setting, and providing constructive feedback
  • Learn effective lesson planning and in-classroom coaching strategies
  • Achieve a deeper understanding of the driver behind the wheel



For employers

  • Reduced risk and costs: Employers will benefit from a reduced risk of accidents and the respective costs to their business. Well-trained instructors can help prevent accidents and minimise expenses related to vehicle damage and personnel injuries
  • In-house expertise: By enrolling their employees onto this course employers can establish in-house training experts who can continually train new team members and keep the workforce up-to-date with the latest safety and operational guidelines.

For delegates

  • Understanding of health and safety legislation: Delegates will gain a thorough understanding of the relevant health and safety legislation, ensuring they can operate 4x4 vehicles in compliance with the law
  • Improved-presentation-and-instructional-skills: Delegates will develop their classroom presentation skills and instructional techniques, enhancing their ability to effectively transfer knowledge to others.

Why choose the Level 3 International Award for Driver Trainers qualification?


Comprehensive curriculum:
The qualification covers a wide array of topics, ensuring that participants are well-prepared for their roles as driver trainers


Experienced instructors:
Our instructors are experienced in the field and can guide participants through the complexities of driving instruction


Practical training:
The qualification emphasises hands on training, enabling participants to apply their knowledge in real world scenarios


Proven benefits:
Employers can reduce risks and costs while developing in-house expertise, whilst delegates enhance their understanding
and skills.

Pre-course requirements



Full, valid driver’s licence: for the district where delivery of the training is taking place


Eyesight test: Participants must be able to complete an eyesight test at 20.5 metres OR meet local regulatory eye test standards if applicable


Advanced driving standard: e.g.
· RoSPA International Advanced Driving Assessment
· IAM Advanced Test
· DIAmond Advanced Test
OR have completed an Advanced or Defensive Driving course driver training provider within the previous two years.

Note: This qualification is aimed at International learners only and is classed as non-regulated provision; therefore it is not listed on the Ofqual register.

Ready to take your driver trainers to the next level and make a significant impact on road safety?

Book our International Award and transform your orgnaisation's ability to coach, assess, and inspire safer driving practices!


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