Disseminating information

RoSPA helps to disseminate information and guidance on important occupational health and safety issues; through its publications and e-bulletins; with its support for the Safety Group network - helping local Safety Groups reach out to SMEs; organizing awareness raising events and seminars; providing useful guidance and advice; promoting the issue of Occupational Road Risk; and through highlighting its Key Issues.


Occupational Safety & Health (OS&H) Journal is RoSPA's flagship journal for professional health and safety advisers and consultants in all types of industry and commerce. The monthly publication contains occupational safety and health news and comment, in depth feature articles and series, book reviews, reviews of web sites, details of new products and services plus analysis of policy issues.

Safety Express is aimed at the non-specialist. The bi-monthly newspaper about health and safety in the workplace contains extensive coverage of court cases, new publications and videos, training course and news from the trade unions.

Occupational Safety & Health E-Bulletins The free monthly OS&H E-Bulletins from RoSPA provide updates on the latest news and best practice advice.

Local safety groups

RoSPA provides the secretariat for Safety Groups UK which is the coordinating body for the 70+ Safety Groups around the UK. Local Groups hold regular meetings on health and safety issues, signposting current topics as well as providing a local forum for communication and discussion. Find out more about supporting local safety groups.


RoSPA organises conferences and seminars throughout the year on key Occupational Safety issues, offering the opportunity to keep up to date with current issues and learn about new initiatives.

Advice and information

View RoSPA's Advice and Information on issues including: small firms, reducing sickness absence, manual handling, stress and manual handling.

ORSA – Occupational Road Safety Alliance

RoSPA provides the Secretariat for ORSA. ORSA raises awareness of work related road safety and encourages businesses to manage at-work road risk more effectively, providing current information and developments in road safety.

ScORSA – Scottish Occupational Road Safety Alliance

The Scottish Occupational Road Safety Alliance (ScORSA) was created to provide free information and support to assist Small and Medium Sized businesses to raise awareness of managing occupational road risk. As part of their commitment to the Scottish Government Road Safety policy, Scotland’s Road Safety Framework to 2020, RoSPA provide secretariat for the group and ongoing service delivery to its members.

SHPF – Scottish Higher Performers Forum

RoSPA provides the Secretariat for SHPF. SHPF works alongside CBI Scotland, Federation of Small Business and the Scottish Centre for Helathy Working Lives (SCHWL) to develop a model and programme for business to business mentoring, funded by the Scotitsh Government.

Key issues

RoSPA has a number of key issues which focuses policy development effort on major topics where RoSPA intervention can help secure significant and lasting safety change, working, where possible, in co-operation with others and developing associated products and services where appropriate.

RoSPA's 'Key Issues' include; Assisting Small firms; Occupational Health, Managing Occupational Road Risk, Accident Investigation, Director Leadership, Team Leadership and Worker involvement.

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