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MORR™: The story so far

Risk on the road as part of occupational safety and health

Read the full document MORR: The story so far... (PDF 95kb)

In 2001 the Government and the Health and Safety Commission (HSC) set up an independent Work Related Road Safety Task Group (WRRSTG) to initiate a national debate around the proposition that employers should be addressing risks faced (and created) by their employees on the road as part of mainstream health and safety management. The underlying idea is that organisations should be taking positive action to promote the safety of their staff while at work on the road, whether as drivers, passengers or pedestrians. The Group took the view that occupational road risk is a major but still generally neglected issue. In part this is because the Health and Safety at Work (HSW) Act has not been enforced in this area. On the other hand it is clear that there is a very strong 'business case' for action in this area. Not only can the management of occupational road risk (MORR) improve overall employee safety but it can help reduce the resulting costs of accidents and create efficiency savings, improve an organisation's safety image (a company's drivers are its ambassadors on the road!) and make a significant contribution to meeting UK road safety targets.

Work-related road safety task group report

Read the Final Report of the Work-Related Road Safety Task Group 2001 as presented to the Government and the Health & Safety Commission (HSC).

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