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Annual playground inspections

The British and European safety standard BS EN1176 and the Health and Safety Executive strongly recommend that all play areas have at least one inspection every year from an independent suitably qualified body such as RoSPA.

Children's playgrounds should be inspected annually by an independent specialist to ensure the long term safety of the site, equipment and ancillary items. This will also meet legal and insurance responsibilities as well as complying with the requirements of EN1176 (the European Playground Standard).

RoSPA inspections are acceptable for insurance purposes.

To provide an economical service for towns, small communities, schools and other organisations, RoSPA undertake inspections at discounted rates in different areas during certain months. Please note, these are usually unaccompanied visits. Discounted fees do not apply outside of the discounted rate schedule. Scotland and Greater London inspections do not fall into the discounted rate schedule and our standard fees apply. Please contact us for a price. To meet with the inspector, extra charges will apply. Get in touch for more details.

The cost for Parish, Town and Community Councils is £75.00 plus VAT. The cost for schools and other organisations is £105.00 plus VAT. These costs are to inspect up to 5 items of play equipment. There is a fee of £3.50 plus VAT per extra item for each additional play item over 5. Please book inspections before the start of the first discounted rate month for your area.

We regret it is not possible to have a meeting with the inspector without an extra fee of £42.00 plus VAT.

A written report is supplied covering site safety and condition, equipment, surfacing, and ancillary item safety and condition, and compliance with EN1176 where relevant. Recommendations for any remedial action required are given together with risk ratings for each item.

How to Book

  1. Email us at [email protected]

  2. Complete and return the Play Safety Inspection Services Order Form  Play Safety Inspection Services Order Form

We will send you an email once the inspection is booked in.

To avoid forgetting to order your annual inspection you can place a "Standing Order" for an inspection every year until further notice. Please indicate when you book if you wish to sign up for automatic inspections each year. Email notification will be sent to you of the impending inspection several weeks in advance in second and subsequent years, in case you wish to alter, or cancel, any of the arrangements.

We do undertake inspections outside of the discounted months. Our standard fees will apply. Get in touch for more information and a price.

New playgrounds should be subject to a post-installation inspection on completion as part of any contract and the cost met by the installer

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N.B. It is important that you provide a postcode for the play area(s) and a contact name and number.
All orders are subject to our standard terms and conditions. A copy is available here.


Contact Us

Playsafety Ltd *
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* RoSPA’s activities in the area of play safety are carried out under an exclusive licence arrangement by an independent and highly experienced specialist company, “Playsafety Ltd” which trades under such licence as “RoSPA Play Safety”.